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Opportunity Identification


There will always be opportunities within your business. Whether it is untapped potential within an existing client, assessing the quality of advice a potential client has previously received or simply evidencing the great value you are delivering.

Our service can help you identify these opportunities, articulate them and maximise your business opportunity. Such reviews can also help you find focus points for ongoing advice and bring to life and evidence real value with your existing or, what could be, new clients.

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Clients are hard won, so proving your worth by delivering great advice and outcomes will make maximising each opportunity so much easier. Clients who are happy, engaged and receiving a great service, are more likely to remain a client, but also provide you with referrals.

Opportunity also extends to highlighting past and future items which may be a risk or threat to undermine the service you are striving to deliver or the outcomes the client is looking to achieve.

We can also help you maximise less obvious business opportunities that often lie within the client's wider relationships, tax position and trust planning.

Ultimately, the service provides confidence you've maximised your business opportunities and minimised threats - both of which are key for your profitability.


We have completed reviews of files spanning multiple decades, highlighting current planning opportunities, tax inefficiencies and potential to incorporate intergeneration planning and client referrals including:

  • Identifying where a client could make bond gains with philanthropic activity to minimise tax

  • Summarising historic estate planning, helping an adviser to demonstrate the value of advice

  • Pinpointing gaps in record keeping or ongoing servicing that could lead to future delays for clients at an inopportune time

  • Confirming what remedial action could be taken to minimise tax following bond withdrawals

  • Highlighting tax efficient rebasing opportunities following pension contributions or tax incentivised investments

  • Summarising IHT100 reporting obligations and identifying opportunities to reduce ongoing liabilities

  • Suggesting where family members could be included in a planning strategy to increase overall engagement

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Meet the driving forces behind Adeptli – A team with unrivaled knowledge and diverse expertise in financial services, wealth management, marketing, and technology. It's this unique blend of professional skills that enables us to provide quality solutions to help your business thrive.

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