Adeptli Co-Founder 

Dave Lardner


Introducing Dave, who has an extensive career in financial services having performed various leadership and technical roles across businesses varying from individual advice practices to multinationals. He has developed a wealth of technical and regulatory knowledge making him your go to expert in this arena.

Professional Background


Dave’s real passion which has underpinned his career is his commitment to detail and helping others, enabling him to identify opportunities for improvement in almost any circumstance.


Starting his career in the 90s he quickly achieved his Diploma in Financial Planning and held a variety of technical roles, which lead to him pathing the way for the creation of the Private Client advice division at the UK’s largest wealth manager. Post that, he has held roles which have seen him lead teams supporting the training and development of thousands of financial advisors and leadership roles developing and designing the advice framework within a FTSE100. Most recently, Dave has utilised his background to aid the successful implementation of Consumer Duty within various businesses.


Client Centric Approach


Dave loves chatting to people! He enjoys getting to know his clients, learning about them and their businesses, to understand how they can benefit from his experience. Known for his inability to turn his back on a job which needs doing, Dave thrives in an environment where he is able to help the people around him and share their sense of achievement.


Success Stories


There is a long list of advisors and clients who acknowledge the role Dave has played in their lives. He considers his greatest achievement to be those advisors who he worked with many years ago still phoning him and letting him know about cases they’d recently worked on, where in their own words, “we wouldn’t have known about that had you not spent the time developing and training us.”


Educational Background


Diploma in Financial Planning aside, Dave has benefited from the University of Life and having great role models around him. Raised by an accountant father, Dave was always destined to work with numbers and his interest in finance developed at an early age. On the job training and learning from those around him is what has led Dave to being the expert he is today.

Areas of Expertise

  • Holistic financial planning support

  • Advice quality

  • Compliance reviews

  • Identifying and delivering on advice opportunities

  • Advice design and delivery

  • Integrating tax efficiencies

<h2>Dave Lardner</h2>
<span>Adeptli Co-Founder</span>

Personal attributes and interests


Dave is an honest, hard working professional who will always focus on doing the right thing, no matter the difficulty or barriers to overcome. Best outcomes and best advice will always be his core values. Dave will often be found spending time with his family, his son Dexter or outside in all weathers applying attention to detail in cleaning his car, a hobby that goes far beyond a mere car wash!


Words unlikely to come out Dave’s mouth: That'll do!

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